R&D Tax Credits

What is the R&D tax credit scheme?

The R&D Tax Credit scheme is an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) incentive to encourage innovation in companies operating in the UK. The Government’s aim for the scheme is to encourage increased R&D spending to make the UK more competitive internationally. The R&D Tax Credit works by allowing companies an increased, or enhanced, deduction in respect of qualifying expenditure on R&D activities.

The government guidelines for R&D tax claims is broad:- ‘Any business taking a risk by innovating, improving or developing a process, product or service is engaged in R&D activity'.

Does your company do ANY of the following:

Have you made bespoke or customised products?

Have you been involved in developing new products?

Would you say you have made environmental improvements to your process?

Do you problem solve on a regular basis to meet customer’s needs?

Have you improved or written any bespoke software?

Do you spend time improving existing products?

Have you been involved in prototyping and similar activities?

Ever wondered “Are we eligible for R&D Tax Credits?” Usually the answer is yes.

With extensive experience in this area, and a combined 50+ years engineering background, we are here to provide a reliable and efficient service based on a “no win, no fee system”. One face to face meeting will be enough for Aitken2 to determine whether you’re likely to be eligible for the scheme, or not – there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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