November Update

Another great month for Aitken2 helping people claim thousands back on their previous year and current Corporation Tax returns. With time running out until the deadline for December 2012 claims it is all hands to the pumps for our new clients who have signed up with us in November.

We have had an excellent response from Local companies who have given us a chance to speak with them after being told they weren’t eligible or were unaware of the scheme, after usually just a 30 minute meeting we have been able to help them understand whether their work legitimately fits in with the scheme and give a reliable estimate of the scale of a claim.

“How much time will I/My Staff have to spend on this?”

That is the most common question we have been posed during our recent meetings, from our experience we are confident that in the majority of cases it should only take two working days in total of various members of the management team, this is usually a mix of people in the production, design and finance teams at your company.

So, here at Aitken2 a busy and very exciting Christmas period is ahead, we hope it is equally prosperous for you too!


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