For Accountants

Is there the opportunity to develop the R & D Tax Credit Scheme further within your practice?

At Aitken2 we can support you with this and work with you on the following:-

  • Identify new claimants
  • Existing claimants who may not be claiming all they are entitled to
  • Businesses who are using other companies for their claims and may want to compare costs and service
  • Support in finding new business where R & D claims maybe relevant
  • Working together shows your client that you’re proactively investing time to find ways to save them money and provide a better service

We see you as a key partner in securing successful claims for your clients, we work with companies to guide them through the process and assist staff in recording relevant information, but as the clients accountant we suggest that you advise them how the relief is to be used once the claim is processed and completed.

Our Promise to you

  • We guarantee a designated claim / account manager year on year to create consistency and build relationships.
  • Your designated account manager will be easily contactable to answer any questions you and your client may have.
  • To keep you well informed throughout the process by sharing copies of relevant tax computations, communications and other important documentation.
  • If there are any questions from HMRC in relation to a claim, we will work with the client without additional costs until it has been fully resolved. We are there to help in the long term, NOT to simply get your client through the process and abandon them.
  • We provide a flexible, client orientated service. We will work in whichever way suits you and the client to ensure a great service throughout the process.