December Update – Merry Christmas!

Nearly all done here at Aitken2 and we are all looking forward to spending Christmas with our families (Some of which are also colleagues, though we have been told that talking about work will be off limits on Christmas Day!).

It has been a hugely exciting and busy December, having completed five new claims in the last two weeks alone!

Having filed all of the last minute December year-end claims with time to spare, the repayments will be a welcome sight come February and make all the hard work done at this busy time worth the effort.

We are all really looking forward to 2015 with some exciting opportunities on the horizon and planning has already begun so that we can hit the ground running at the beginning of January.

There will be particular effort to help local companies in the East Riding of Yorkshire with R&D claims as we are sure that many are missing out by not using this scheme when they are perfectly suited.

We are determined to legally save and reclaim many more thousands in Corporation Tax for our existing clients and to help as many other companies we can to make 2015 their best year yet!

From everyone at Aitken2 we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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