Are we spending our time wisely?

Over the last few months we have been in contact with many people recently offering our services and there is a common thread developing which seems to link every business owner I have spoken to.

When asked if they and their company is busy the answer is always yes, yet the fortunes of all these different businesses are quite often poles apart. So I have wondered, and I am aware that I am not the first person to ponder this, are we using our time effectively?

A very common reason we have been given by business owners who have been reluctant to take on our services is their lack of time, they are dedicated to keeping their customers happy which is obviously commendable but may be affecting their ability to push their business forward.

This is particularly relevant to the services we provide as we generally need around 2 days of the management teams time (in total from various members) to gather information for the reports we compile to submit to the Specialist Research and Development unit at HMRC.

When it is made clear the amount of financial benefit our services can bring to a business (commonly over £30,000 tax free per claim year) it can really put things into perspective how a little time working with us could be the most productive time you can spend in the whole year!

We have had the response from multiple clients after receiving their refunds that if this was a regular job/contract it would have by far been the most profitable they had done.

With annual claims of £30k+ tax free for two days work, we strongly advise anyone who thinks they could be eligible to get in touch now.

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